Know……Cloud Antivirus

Unlike traditional antivirus software, cloud antivirus refers to the type of antivirus that runs on the cloud(remote server). Cloud Antivirus will scan all your files through the internet and run the tests on their own server, in this way it won’t disrupt any of your computer activity nor will it slow down your computer. Another benefit of cloud antivirus is that instead of having to update traditional antivirus software routinely, it automatically updates the virus definitions in the cloud. Cloud antivirus software consists of client and Web service components working together. The client is a small program running on your local computer, which scans the system for malware Cloud antivirus is usually combined with other malware detection techniques, which are found in traditional anti-virus products. These approaches may include identifying malware based on suspicious heuristic or behavioral characteristics. Some examples of cloud anti-virus products are Panda Cloud Antivirus and Immunet.