Download Torrent Files Through SEEDR.CC

I wondered many times for downloading torrent files without using torrent clients. Visited many sites and didnt found good sites to cache a torrent file, but lately i have found a great website named ‘’ which provides both reliable connection and storage capacity. I feel very much great using this site fore caching the torrent files.

Many caching sites provide torrenting facilities but storage wise is the most splendid site i have ever used. It provides 2.5 GB of storage while we first use, after that it goes on increasing when we refer a friend. Also we can increase storage by posting it on twitter,blogs and youtube.

Here’s little steps which will help you to download torrent files through Download Manager. I have taken an example of from downloading torrent from a torrent website

Only the torrents with more seeds/peers can be downloaded easily…

Open any torrent site
Search the torrent which you want to download (eg. I have searched a movie named Escapee)
Select the torrent and copy the download link

Now open a next tab and go to website:
Paste the download link in the textbox before ‘+’ sign
Click on ‘+’
If it asks to log in before download, then use your any email id to sign up
Now wait for 60+ seconds until the link appears.
After 60 seconds, you will get the download link.. just copy it and paste it in our favorite Download Manager finally you are done.


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