Advanced Windows Search

If you want to filter on a property that doesn’t appear when you click in the search box, you can use special keywords. This typically involves typing a property name followed by a colon, sometimes an operator, and then a value. The keywords aren’t case sensitive.

Example search term

Use this to find

System.FileName:~<“books” – Files whose names begin with “books.” The ~< means “begins with.”

System.FileName:=”monthly report” – Files named “monthly report.” The = means “matches exactly.”

System.FileName:~=”pro”  – Files whose names contain the word “pro” or the characters pro as part of another word (such as “process” or “procedure”). The ~= means “contains.”

System.Kind:<>picture  – Files that aren’t pictures. The <> means “is not.”

System.DateModified:05/25/2010  – Files that were modified on that date. You can also type “System.DateModified:2010” to find files changed at any time during that year.

System.Author:~!”herb”  – Files whose authors don’t have “herb” in their name. The ~! means “doesn’t contain.”

System.Keywords:”sunset”  – Files that are tagged with the word sunset.

System.Size:<1mb  – Files that are less than 1 MB in size.

System.Size:>1mb  – Files that are more than 1 MB in size.


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