Removing Software Counterfeiting Message in XP

Many people get angry while surfing on internet when they get the message of software counterfeiting…….. Don’t get angry and try these steps calmly………

1) start > run > “regedit” (without the quotes)
2) go to the key:
and doubleclick on it. Then change some of the value data, anything. Edit, delete or type.
now close out regedit.
3) go to start > run > “%systemroot%\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a” (again, dont type the quotes)
4) the activation screen will come up, click on register over telephone, then click on CHANGE PRODUCT KEY, enter in this key:
JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ (Professional XP ONLY)
BQJG2-2MJT7-H7F6K-XW98B-4HQRQ ( Home Edition ONLY)
now your windows xp is now genuine. Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Removing Software Counterfeiting Message in XP

  1. try these steps
    first Lauch Windows Task Manager ctrl+shift+esc.
    then,End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
    Restart Windows in Safe Mode.
    Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32.
    Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
    Lauch RegEdit.

    Browse to the following location:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify
    Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents
    Reboot Windows.

    now you are free of that abusing message….hahahaha

    1. Thankx dude. Now plz can u tell something abt uninstalling Avast antivirus frm my laptop? I cant find it in my control panal. Are there any alternate ways?

    2. Its freaking me out. I cant find ‘wga’ word in any of those steps n drive.tried virtually 100times. Believe me i cant find wgatray.exe nor wgalogon. No files or folders relating wga. Now wat shud i do?

      1. regan ji,,, task manager ma tyo chaina bhane, restart the computer and open in safe mode and follow the remaining steps
        i hope it will solve your problem
        if you find this task confusing then u can use other ideas like using a crack

  2. Shishir ji,mero laptop ma avast antivirus install gareko Control Panel ma dekhaudaina,uninstall garnu parne,k gari garum ta aba?

    1. tesko solution chai euta software le garcha.
      revo unstaller download garare

      another way:
      reinstall avast antivirus
      natra bhane program files bhitra avast install bhayeko folder delete garnus ani pheri antivirus install garda kaam garcha

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