Install WordPress in localhost using XAMPP

In order to install WordPress, you need to download XAMPP for Windows and install it in your computer, which is necessary to run Apache and MySQL Servers on Windows XP or Vista or 7

Once the XAMPP is installed, you can download WordPress and extract the zipped archive to ‘[xampp root]\htdocs’ folder

Create a MySQL Database through “phpMyAdmin” instance in XAMPP interface

In the “Databases” tab, give a name for your database e.g. wordpress and click on Create which results in creation of empty database named WordPress

Now, open a new tab in your browser and type url as: localhost/[wordpress folder name]

Click on Lets Go!

Provide the credentials i.e. database details; Database Name (“name you provided in MySQL”), User Name (“admin”), Password (“leave blank”), Database Host (“localhost”) and Table Prefix (“_wp”)

Provide your site name and fill up the form, and your dashboard is ready which shows that the wordpress in the local server is installed.

Now you can login from url: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin to login to your administrator from where you can post in your blog.


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