Download torrent files through Download Manager

wondered many websites, thought many times about, what if we could the torrent files with Download Manager. It would be very awesome if we can get accelerated download speed also while downloading torrent files.

Here’s little steps which will help you to download torrent files through Download Manager. I have taken an example of from downloading torrent from a torrent website

Only the torrents with more seeds/peers can be downloaded easily…

Open any torrent site
Search the torrent which you want to download (eg. I have searched a movie named Escapee)
Select the torrent and copy the download link

Now open a next tab and go to website:
Paste the download link in the textbox
Click on Get
If it asks to log in before download, then use your any email id to sign up
Click on initiate bittorrent transmission
Now wait for 60+ seconds until the link appears (you must wait)
After 60 seconds, you will get the download link.. just copy it and paste it in our favorite Download Manager finally you are done.



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