Ways to speed up the wireless DSL router

Are you disappointed with the signal of your router…. You think that your router is now not able to amplify the signal and you want to buy new powerful router…wait,wait

Before purchasing the new router, try these 6 steps …it can help you with your current router.

  1. Place the router in the center of your house.
  2. Place the router in that position so that walls do no interfere the signal,i.e. place the router away from the wall.Also,do not place the router near beam, keep away from the metals.
  3. If possible use amplifiers instead of the default wireless antenna.
  4. In case of long range distribution use repeators.
  5. Change the router’s channel to increase the strength. Wireless default channel is 6, so change it to channel 1. The computer will detect the new channel itself.
  6. Use other devices which do not match the range of the configured router

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